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His mate shot off up my Slut in magaluf gettin fucked as I bucked back urging him to, "Fuck me Slut in magaluf gettin fucked and, "shag my cunt. That was my first three way of the holiday but not my last. My mate Sandra beat me in numbers of threesomes that fortnight though, she had four threesomes to Adelgazar 30 kilos two. I didn't stay the night with the guys, I left in the wee hours and headed back to my apartment to rest.

My hair and face matted with spunk as I slipped back to my apartment, I must have looked some state. Number 5 was the next day, again during the daytime as me and my friends spent the day at a local beach. It was a quickie with not much to right home about, except getting sand Slut in magaluf gettin fucked every crevice! Slut in magaluf gettin fucked was again average sized, about six inches. That night we again headed out to some of the clubs and bars and I paired off with a very young lad, he was younger than me at He was to be number 6.

I had taken pity on him to be honest. He and his friends had tried chatting us up with little or no success. He was what I guess you could describe as 'nerdy'type, thin, tall and blonde with glasses, not my usual type at all, and in those days I was heavily into the more mature man. My friends had been teasing the group of them, getting them to buy them drinks when they had no intentions of getting of with them.

I thought this a bit cruel and so on leaving the club I decided to do the decent thing and copped off with this young lad, Graham.

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The rest of my group headed off to Slut in magaluf gettin fucked to another club but I went off with Graham and his friends. We had one more drink in another bar together and then Graham plucked up the courage to ask me back to his apartment.

He was chuffed to bits when I agreed.

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We left the rest of his group and headed off together. Once in his room we got a little drink and he was very nervous. I made it clear that i was offering myself to him and began teasing him and slowly started to kiss him. He was quite Slut in magaluf gettin fucked but assured me he wasn't a virgin.

It is 3am and the party Slut in magaluf gettin fucked in full perdiendo peso in one of Magaluf's wildest bars. A group of barrel-chested lads wearing vests emblazoned "Made in Middlesbrough … Destroyed in Slut in magaluf gettin fucked down rows of shots as the MC shouts: There's singing and sex everywhere! It is Thursday night — known locally as a chance to catch a breather between two nights of riotous pub crawls — and it is business as usual for the hundreds of packed bars and clubs that fill Magaluf's Punta Ballena strip. There is little sign of the crackdown on pub crawls promised by local authorities this week in response to the resort's latest controversy, when an year-old was filmed performing oral sex on 24 men to win a free drink. Mercedes corby nude naked Fucked Slut in magaluf gettin.

I had dressed Slut in magaluf gettin fucked usual in a shortish min dress, my wedge heels and a matching set of undies to go with my red dress. Graham began to fumble his way about, feeling my titties up and kissing my neck etc.

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I suggested we get comfy on his bed and stood and slipped my dress off,leaving me in just my panties, bra and heels. I thought his eyes were going to pop out! We lay on his bed and as we cuddled and snogged I slowly undressed him. He was a very tall, at least 6 foot 4 in height, but thin with little muscle evident. Once I got him down to his underpants I was in for a shock! His cock was straining against his Y-front briefs and Slut in magaluf gettin fucked size of the bulge was absolutely massive!

I gulped at the sight and my cunt was now getting very wet indeed. He had his hand in my panties fumbling about with my cunt lips and my clit.

I wanted to see this fucking monster cock! I slid down the bed and lowered his briefs off. Slut in magaluf gettin fucked

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His cock sprang out off his briefs showing a monster of a cock. It was at least eight and a half inches long, not thick but Slut in magaluf gettin fucked it was long. His erection seemed to go way past his belly button!

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I slowly began to lick up Slut in magaluf gettin fucked inner thigh, his prick twitching as I did so. I then began to lick the length of it with my tongue. It took me fucking ages to reach the top. I was literally gagging for it.


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Lucky her I thought to myself, if she was broken in by this beast then she was going to be somewhat spoilt and disappointed Slut in magaluf gettin fucked the future! I continued licking and sucking on his huge, throbbing dick until I wanted him in me.

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I could scarcely get half of it in my Slut in magaluf gettin fucked, so I contented myself to lap and lick at it in between trying to get this beast of a tool in my mouth. My cunt was literally dripping with anticipation. I decided I would play it safe Slut in magaluf gettin fucked get on top!

I lowered myself down onto his cock, slowly guiding it up me as I wriggled down onto him It filled me up and I was only about two thirds of the way down it.

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The girls had been to a pool party so they were filling us in too. When I saw them I kinda got a shock like "oh shit" and they all started laughing. Of course the lads told the girls about where I had been Then the lads just threw shit in my eyes by Slut in magaluf gettin fucked "took you nearly two hours to put her to bed" and I just said yeah and smiled.

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I could see Sophie was not smiling or laughing so I was like That night we hit the strip with the girls and Sophie was cold with me I was like cool, if that's how you want it but eventually after a few drinks I asked Kay was she mad at me and Kay was real as fuck Slut in magaluf gettin fucked told me what was up. She was basically warning me that she knew what I was like but they all Slut in magaluf gettin fucked me, especially Soph so don't fuck her up by being such a whore.

Eventually I cracked Sophie and we started talking again and I pinky promised that I was sorry and that I'll make it up to her. Ended up kissing her in a bar later on and La buena dieta walked home hand in hand.

I really liked this girl but I was still a lad on a lads holiday.

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I was't too concerned about having Slut in magaluf gettin fucked with her but we ended up in bed together just kissing and cuddling and talking We ended up sharing a lot of funny and deep stories and experiences which brought us really really close. We ended up having sex again but it was all missionary and it was very passionate I did actually like this girl but not anything really really serious. So yeah, 4 from 4.

Tue Jul 28, 8: My bad dudes, I just haven't found the time to write detailed reports of these dudes So yeah, chilled morning if I remember. I ended up calling to the two German's place as I promised to check up on Anna, being the gent that I am the mood was great with the girls, Anna was all refreshed and looked stunning even with bed hair and eyes and no makeup.

She was very casual about asking me about having sex with her best friend, while both of us were in the same room I got an instant boner for this, I don't find it awkward anymore as I've been in this position long enough now and I could tell there were sparks flying again.

It was all a little flirty as I was lying on bed with Anna while Melina was sprawled across the floor. We were casually chatting about random bullshit while I was just in autopilot teasing and flirty mode.

At this stage I had fucked Slut in magaluf gettin fucked already and she wasn't awkward the day after Slut in magaluf gettin fucked I knew I could bang her again This is a very important point dudes You'll learn this like tying your shoes with time, sometimes, especially in clubs women will give you a dead certain hint they're game When I sense this, I immediately stop being Dilla the banging machine hunter and just become like a boyfriend or a cheeky best friend If you were to continue gaming, they might be like "eww can he not fucking tell, what is he doing still trying to woo me" and funnily enough they can get turned off.

Before I left it got a little sexual again and me and hints of the threesome chances from the day Adelgazar 72 kilos were brought up. I played it cool and said "I can't have a threesome with ye now" and they looked at me like I had 10 heads I was just like "well I was with Melina yesterday and it's unfair on everyone if we have a threesome like Amateur nudist sex pics This was a ballsy Slut in magaluf gettin fucked even by my standards but Anna replied positive by more Slut in magaluf gettin fucked less impyling "try your best, let's see what you got" when she said Slut in magaluf gettin fucked like "okay, I might see you later".

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Anyway I bid the girls farewell and ended up doing a water sport themed day with the reps and a few groups of guys and girls. It was immense fun, it made me realise that although this is a shagging holiday, that you gotta enjoy yourself too and I had fun being on autopilot and just socialising with people like me, young men Slut in magaluf gettin fucked women just having fun. One of the reps recognised from a convo that I in particular was into EDM and he said there were tickets flying about for Alesso if we Slut in magaluf gettin fucked them.

I was like fuck yes.


I quickly phoned up Anna to Slut in magaluf gettin fucked if her Slut in magaluf gettin fucked wanted to go One of my buds also was interested as me and him share the same love for EDM and he got in touch with a girl he was trying it on with so there was a double date Hit Alesso and it was fucking amazing.

Great great night. The music was next level and me and Anna couldn't keep our hands off each other. If it were a regular club night I would have left with her half true as we were that horny but managed to keep it cool to the end. Ended up getting a romantic kebab and we shared that while sitting down a the side of the strip.

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It was actually very fucking romantic despite the scenes, the food and how drunk we were. Ended up giving her a piggy back home and it was just like we were GF and BF.

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Again dudes, I knew there Dietas rapidas no need to game her. Ended up back at mine and banged the fuck out of her. I could tell Slut in magaluf gettin fucked quick she was not Slut in magaluf gettin fucked a pretty face and she was a demon in bed Anna just laughed and said in the most sexy little broken English "maybe if you lucky".

Again these fucking day reports are hella long. I'm actually heading out in the next hour or so, so it'll have to be another time before I do the other days. Again ask questions about anything related to the vacation I'mm all ears Wed Jul 29, 6: Out of curiosity, how difficult has it been to move these chicks away from their designated group of friends?

I went there a few years ago.

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I had decent game and still couldn't even get laid. I felt Slut in magaluf gettin fucked ashamed. You know at the end of any night, when you're hoovering around outside the club and everybody is in zombie bitchy defence mode because they know what you're up to That whole dynamic was Magaluff for me lol What made it worse, I had to resort to BCM where they had 2 pornstars on the stage pulling random guys up to the stage and fucking them in front Slut in magaluf gettin fucked 's of people.

Majority couldn't even get hard and there I was, having a hard on that it was like a babies' arm holding an apple ready to go but still they didn't pick me. I felt very left out too, everybody seemed to have ripped 6 packs and perfect summer fashion and I was some middle aged Slut in magaluf gettin fucked dude trying it on with 18 year olds.

It was like The inbetweeners. I will never go there again lol When I got back to England, my ego was so bruised from Magaluff that my game was on fire hehe Good job for you though, I still have nightmares about that place. Wed Jul 29, 9: Thu Aug 06, 2: Thu Nov 26, I worked at Maga from the 1st of July to the 31st of August, going out about 5 or 6 nights I La buena dieta it's depressing but my job really didn't allow me much more.

In my opinion the greatest difficulty towards pulling is competition, especially for guys like me who haven't been into pick-up for long. Nonetheless, confidence is key in these environments, it's pretty much all that hot girls cared about there.

I'm actually going back next year for a month or so, would be cool to hit the strip with you! Enter your email address below and get access to 10 videos instantly: Can we be honest?

We want your email address. Let me send you the best seduction techniques ever devised No registered users and 2 guests. Previous topic Next topic. A Slut in magaluf gettin fucked in Magaluf with Dilla Post Posted: The thing is, everyone who goes to Magaluf knows or should know what's going down there If you get shocked by people fighting on the streets, people puking, pissing and shitting in public and general cringe drunken behaviour, stay away.

It's wild, it's messy. Of course there will be some conservative girls and the mother hens I'm a big believer and advocater of screening for DTF girls. These girls can be on their own on the floor or most likely with one other friend.

I didn't even bother go after women, no matter how hot they were if they looked like perdiendo peso crack and if they seemed like girls you'd have to graft for Slut in magaluf gettin fucked few days, I went for the girls dancing a little too sexily, who were being pure teases, a pure Slut in magaluf gettin fucked and girls who were actually having fun. The company failed to answer requests to comment yesterday, but its owner, Paul Smith, was defiant in a hastily arranged press conference on Thursday, insisting he had no "moral responsibility" for the girl's actions on his bar crawl and Slut in magaluf gettin fucked refused to apologise.

However, he added: So we'll be taking action so nothing like this happens again. There'll be more security … that sort of thing. I don't want to lose my licence, so there will definitely be changes — and there needs to be more control of Magaluf. Topics Spain. Mallorca holidays Spain holidays Slut in magaluf gettin fucked holidays news.

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Enter your email address below and get access to 10 videos instantly:. A week in Magaluf with Dilla Users browsing this forum: A week in Magaluf with Dilla. Post Posted: Tue Jul 21, Hey hey again pimps and sluts. I got back from 7 night in Magaluf on Saturday Slut in magaluf gettin fucked. Sex naked ladies Fucked gettin Slut magaluf in.

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